How to Catch a Rat – Best tips to trap rats

How to Catch a Rat?

Are you fed up with the unsightly rats roaming around on the floor and horrifying you, nearly giving you a heart attack? How to exterminate rats? Here is a guide about How to Catch a Rat that shall tell you different ways of catching a rat and ultimately exterminating it.

A Rat Trap

The best and most common method of trapping a rat is a traditional rat trap that is spring-loaded but how to place it and where to place it is the key. You just cannot put your rat trap anywhere in the room or house. That is just not going to work. If you touch the rat trap with your fingers or even with gloves, your human scent will be left in the trap, and the rats will detect it. Therefore if you want to be an expert in How to Catch a Rat successfully you need to know that;

  • First of all, you need to pick up the trap with paper having available thickness so that a minimum amount of your odor is transferred to it.
  • Secondly, you have to place your trap parallel to the wall. If a rat approaches your trap from any of the sides, it is not likely to get caught.
  • Now, where to use your trap? Use it in the enclosed places or some narrow passages like beneath the furniture, in closets. Rats like moving in there. Place your trap in the corners as the rats always travel in a direction parallel to the wall.

How to Catch a Rat with your Own Trap

If using a simple rat trap is not offering you the desired results then Alternatively, you can use your own made trap. Just cut the end of a box and make a tunnel-like passage, and place your trap on the end. Place a bait all along the way into the tunnel leading to the trap.

You have to use the right bait to attract the rats if you really get the best shot while knowing How to Catch a Rat. Rats like the food having natural aromas, such as stinky cheese, beer, nuts, pieces of chocolate bars, and shrimp. Try to rot them as much as you can. Rats don’t like fresh things, rather leaving out your bait for some days and then using it, will be a lot more effective.

Adding Poison to People Food and Use It as A Bait

It is an effective but dangerous method. You may place rat poisoned food in different corners, but the thing is that rats carry their food to a safe and enclosed space and then eat it. So, dragging the food all over the floor can make it really harmful to the pets and other people who are walking on it barefooted. Often the rats may die at inconvenient places like stoves, refrigerators, and cupboards.

Rat Zapper

A rat zapper is a metal tunnel like a trap that surrounds a rat bait. As soon as the rat enters the zapper to take the bait, it is killed by a quick electricity jolt. A signal is sent to the rat tale pager by the unit that tells you that zapper needs to be emptied and reset. You don’t need to touch a dead rat. There is a handle at the back of the device, you can use it and throw the rat in the garbage.


The rat zapper method is probably the best method on How to Catch a Rat. It makes use of all the other methods and doesn’t involve any harm as well that we may face in other traps. Moreover, it is convenient and easy to use.


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