Rat Repellent

Best Rat Repellents to Keep Rodents Out of Your Home


rat repellent types: have you recently seen a mouse or two lurking around the room? No matter how clean we are in the house we will always find mice and rats in our homes, sometimes even hiding in those small corners or holes we didnít even knew existed.

There are several methods and rat types of rat repellent that you can use so you can get rid of rats and mice. Some of the most efficient ones are:

rat repellentTRAPS

There are several types of traps and the two more popular ones are the glue traps and the cage traps. While the cage traps may seem more humane for some, lately more people are opting for the glue traps since it is efficient, easier, smaller and cleaner to use. You just wait for the rat to be trapped, shove it in a plastic bag and dispose of it.

The best way to set up a trap is to find the path of the rat and see where they constantly go to. Set up several traps in various points and place a tiny portion of food in the middle for glue traps and at the end for cage traps.

This is only advisable if you are all adults in the house or these traps are not in reach of a child.

rat repellent

Scatter it in the path of where you constantly see the mice. Poison is a very simple and inexpensive method but expect to smell something awful though in a few days when the poison start kicking in. While this is inexpensive, the effort in finding the dead pest, cleaning up the poison you scattered and the pest is quite a chore most people would dare not do.

This is most definitely not advisable if you have pets and children in the house. Pets most specially dogs eat just about anything they see and children are curious individuals that should not be anywhere near this poison.


One of the best inventions in the new world is an Ultrasonic Rodent Repellerrat repellent which you will just plug in and have nothing else to worry about. It will emit vibrations only the rats can hear and will not interrupt any other electronic devices. These sonic frequencies will repel any pest and kill any pests who insist on staying.

This is not advisable however for owners of small pets like hamsters, chinchillas, guinea pigs, birds and other small creatures. You will end up with no pests and no pets so be careful.


Find the burrow/nest. This is normally in the areas where you rarely go to like your attic or basement. Search for rat poop or shredded (bitten) papers since this is a sign that you are near its nest or home. Rats normally enjoy staying in cold, wet, paper filled areas so try to get rid of this enticing environment and start cleaning up all those 1900s scratch papers, newspapers, magazines and old empty boxes.


Last but definitely not the least, seek help! There are professionals out there that can search the house and find the nest you probably were not able to see. They will also be able to get rid of every pest in your house so give yourself a little break and let the pros handle it.

Rats multiply quite quickly so you better start picking out or trying out the right rat repellent for your home.